Artificer Games

About Me

I am a devout maker of tabletop games, always striving for innovation. Be it with dice, tokens, coinflips or any other implement I might use, I always want to bring new experiences to the table.

I greatly enjoy my work, and I hope you will, too.

My Projects

Misfortune: Dramatic Roleplaying

It's fast, simple, and different. My first game, a far cry from traditional tabletop design, in both form and function.

A game laid out like a comic book, where you start with a blank page. Where your greatest strengths are found from your weaknesses, and where death is not the only way out.

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Podcast with Richard Pullman

Fairytale: The Roleplaying Game

A whimsical adventure for child and adult alike, where the morals of the story are in the limelight. Sure, doing stuff is easy enough, but going against the morals of the story can have great repercussions.

Project is on hold due to failed Indiegogo campaign.

Indiegogo Campaign

Podcast with Richard Pullman

Duality of Play and System - Key to Comprehensive RPG design

I'm working on an RPG design handbook, with the focus on the dichotomy of play and system, and how knowing and designing both can make development easier and the final product better.

Believe me, it's good stuff.


Sof is a game about Angels, androids created by their God to descend to the barren world to fight the corruption that destroyed humanity.

In this game where your character is but a serial number and doesn't have a free will, you - the player - decide the programming they have and thus make their choices for them.