Looking Forward

I have started several projects which I will showcase here. I will get to them eventually, but if any of them sound particularly interesting, holler at me and I might actually start working on it before! They're in no particular order.

Current Year 2020

A semi-dystopic game that is not only inspired, but actively accommodating the current situation of living in the hellish year of 2020 of hypercapitalism.

But, due to the current situation with COVID-19, this game might be pushed back to 2021.

Knights of the Apocalypse

After the End, the world was left desolate, and humans have forgotten what the world was before. With some of the few relics of the old age, a new class of Knights have come to being.

Ride your iron horse to glory and combat!


A game where your connections to the other characters define who you are. Your bonds will be put to test, both by the Narrator and yourselves. Burn your bonds to succeed, or fortify bonds to take penalties.

Designed for short games, fitting for horror and other grounded themes.

Salt, Silver & Steel

A gothic metropolitan city. A stark, gargantuan cross breaking the horizon. Nightmares come flesh. You are priests, exorcists, mercenaries, hunters; Purifiers, protectors that hunt Nightmares from dusk till dawn.


Ultraviolence inspired by DOOM, where you fight the hordes of hell. Become more than human, but remember to stay humane. Protect the people to your best ability, or use them to leverage yourself.


A game of survival in dystopian hellscape, where you must scour for resources under the prying lights of hypercorporations who will strip you bare.